Blockchain: Protecting You From the Rogue AI – and Rogue People

On April 9 2018 a German blockchain company Lisk had an inaugural meeting in Seattle, WA with the guest speaker Artem D, the CEO of Heraldic.

As Blockchain is becoming easier to use in development, we at Heraldic identified some areas that need this revolutionary technology. So without further ado, here are, for you to swipe through, the new projects that Artem spoke about in Seattle:

Photos from the event

We’ve seen the FUTURE at #GTC2018

It has been said that if GPUs are time machines then GTC is where you come to see the future. A future where nothing is impossible.
It's at events like this that products like Mise En Abyme are born. After experiencing the latest GPU-driven innovations such as RTX, Holodeck and Deep Learning, we were inspired to design a new vision of the next-gen cloud PCs:
1. Streaming of real-time Raytracing video games from the cloud;
2. Every cloud desktop protected by a superintelligent AI against malware or hackers;
3. Cloud VR streamed to a smartphone with previously unimaginable graphics;
4. A Blockchain-driven protection of user privacy against corporate surveillance or violations by third parties.
With these innovations Mise En Abyme is years ahead of anything that has been built. 
Here are some of the highlights of Heraldic's presence at GTC 2018:

I’m not a wizard, I’m a #CompTIASME

Last week was I took a break from building new Mise En Abyme cloud GPU servers and attended another Cloud+ exam workshop where I was invited by CompTIA.

As always it was a great experience, both contributing to the test content and learning new cloud stuff I could potentially use to improve MEA.

I’m back in Florida now, greatly missing my exploration of Illinois. You know this reflective bean sculpture in Millenium Park in Chicago? It’s called Cloud Gate. I have no idea whom this monument honors, but I’ll assume it has something to do with Cloud+ SMEs.

It was an honor to be one of Cloud+ wrtiters! Now I’d better get back to my servers so that we can bring to you Mise En Abyme Nebula edition as early as Q1 2018.


Left to right, Upper row: Arron Stebbing , Issac Christoffersen, Marcin Lubojanski,  Roman Lozano, Aaron House,  Artem Dmitriev; Lower row: Waheed Malik, Maddy Chandra , Tom Castellano,  Joel Sprague