Video Game history: 1972-1989

During these years, the evolution of console gaming would begin. These years made a huge impact on opening the minds, curiosity, and interest of ‘gamers.’ It may have been visualized by some as the ‘trial and era’ time of gaming because nothing was yet in stone, but little did they know that it was the beginning of something remarkable. Gamers were only able to experience playing 2-D games, resulting in poor graphics. Many console video game systems weren’t successful such as the ‘Tel Star home video game system’, but it didn’t discourage developers.
The introduction and presence of the milestone ‘Atari’ game system in 1972 designed by Nolan Bushnell, was used by many anticipated gamers. This console had no hard drive, virtually no RAM (random access memory), (ROM) read only access memory game cartridges, and only consisted of two-four kilobytes of memory. Graphics were only displayed at a resolution of approximately in 1977, and graphics were limited due to processing power. Atari sales climbed to an incredible 77 million and began the addiction to of gaming. The Magnavox Odyssey was introduced to the public in the mid 70�s by Ralph Bare, being the first home video game console that could be connected to a television. The Odysseys success through its minor innovations, allowed it to have its own advertising commercial, and was sold for a shy $100. The Magnavox Odyssey only produced black and white graphics with no sound, but allowed the human mind to interact with a television and find entertainment.