1980-1989 PC

Games of the 80s

Throughout the 80s games became global, colored, and increasingly popular. Companies started offering subscriptions to their game, costing an astounding $6 – $10 dollars an hour! Games such as Multi Access Dungeon were so innovative and popular they had to be banned from the entire network due to oversaturation.

M.A.D.(Multi Access Dungeon) 1984

MAD is a text-based mmorpg written in REXX. REXX is a 37-year old programming language that ran on IBM 4341. MAD consisted of a character traversing through multiple stories of labyrinths battling robots. MAD is full of classic RPG elements such as classes and fictional races. This game was so popular that it only lasted 2 years before it was booted off the network that it ran on. MUD was inspire later games such as EverQuest and Ultima Online.

HABITAT by LucasFilm 1986

Habitat was innovative in the fact that it was a large-scale virtual community, but maaan did this game look bad! It had poor immersion but definitely laid foundation to online-community driven games, such as SecondLife.

AIR WARRIOR by Kesmai 1987

Air warrior was originally a black and white flight simulator but eventually gets color in later versions (about 3 years later). This game costed an astounding $10/hr to play and this is what it looks like..