1990-1999 PC

Online Gaming – 90s

The 90s is where online gaming history really gets good. Games such as Team Fortress Classic, Doom, Neverwinter Knights, Everquest, StarCraft, Duke Nukem Diablo, and Quake are introduced. It is crazy how much innovation they managed to fit in a single decade! Graphical advances commenced and games were now 3D (think PS1 graphics). Sure, they had “Crash Bandicoot” graphics but it doesn’t even matter because some of these games are still very popular even to this day!

Neverwinter Knights by Don Daglow, Cathryn Mataga – 1991

Neverwinter Knights is a beautiful RPG that has an amazing and immersive story, since you get to create your “hero” and go on an epic and very cliché quest to stop the “wailing death” and kill the bad guy who created it. As with any RPG, it’s immersion was the single most important aspect that drove it to be so popular. This is what a traditional RPG looks like to me. This game ran on the infamous AOL network at $6/hour.

Diablo I by Blizzard – 1996

Diablo I was actually one of my very first games that I played, I can’t say I was into the action RPG genre but I had a lot of fun running this on the old Windows 98. Diablo I’s world was dark and eerie, and the game really pulls you in. I played this when I was around nine or ten years old and I specifically recall the dungeons and soundtrack scaring the crap out of me. Diablo I sold over 2million copies(one of those copies is still in the box on my desk actually), generating enough profit for a second and third installment a decade later.

DOOM by ID Software – 1993

Doom’s impact was so great on the entire FPS genre that even young gamers nowadays have heard of it. Doom was before me (I started in the 2000s), but its impact to the FPS genre is something I’ve definitely heard of. DOOM was the entry into the FPS genre for many gamers. Now let’s talk about the game itself, DOOM is a fast-paced, FPS/Dungeon crawler where you’re essentially a bad-ass that eliminates enemy soldiers and monsters.

Team Fortress Classic by Lord Gaben – 1999

Despite being a decade-and-a-half years old, TFC has an astounding 88% positive feedback on Steam and has over 2000 reviews. What does this mean? This means that people still play this actively. TFC is a classic modern-stlyle FPS that consists of classes such as: the engineer that builds turrets, the scout which is the annoying mosquito with a shotgun, the heavy which is the gatling-toting bullet sponge, the spy, pyro, and many other classes. Most people will instantly recognize these classes because most PC gamers nowadays would have played the much more popular and modern Team Fortress 2.