New Generation of Handheld Gaming

This decade is significantly remembered as the introduction of handheld gaming. Many had an addiction to playing handheld games on the go, or simply at home. Programmers were busy developing prospect handheld games and devices to put into the market place. Handheld games in this decade would have the first chance of experiencing color on its display and move ahead from the black and white displays. The first successful handheld device was the Atari Lynx and was released in 1989.
The only set back developers had with these devices, was not being able to have extended battery life. The screens were very bright and battery consumption was shortened because of this. Although many gamers were satisfied that available handheld systems towards the end of the nineties had rechargeable batteries, they werenít impressed with the battery life. The new features by companies to enhance the gaming experience to gamers came at a higher price, and made many wonder how much they really liked handheld gaming. During these years, handheld gaming targeted ages 10-15, and didnít have many available games for teens to adults.
Nintendo released the first Game Boy in 1989. It featured A LCD screen that had a green background color, two buttons on the right for gameplay, and a directional pad on the left. Many action story based games were released for the Game Boy such as Aladdin, Alien vs Predator, and Arcade Classic.
Sega released the Game Gear in April of 1997 being the mobile console to its previously released console the Sega Genesis. The Game Gear also featured a list of adventure games for gameplay. A few of these games were Batman Returns, Captain America and The Scavengers.