Nintendo 3D Effects

These years again motivated developers to renovate the display effects of past mobile consoles. Nintendoís goal was to have their handheld device allow players to see 3D effects. During these years many would begin adapting to the game play available on their mobile phones, which gave many mobile console companies a fierce competition. But this didnít stop the multimillion dollar industry of mobile gaming to slow down.
Sony released the PlayStation Vita in February of 2013. This mobile console gave gamers the chance of experiencing a futuristic mobile console. The PlayStation Vita would introduce motion sensors to gamers, a multiple internet connection, and a touch screen display. A few best-selling games for this mobile console would include LEGO Star Wars, Lost Dimension, Persona (dancing games), and Sword Art.
Nintendo released the Nintendo 3DS in 2014 which featured a larger design for improved game play. This mobile console was the first to include a camera to take and save photos. The CDS also featured an assistant with compatible games to make game play even more exciting. This assistant will enable hints and tricks during gameplay for extra excitement. The Nintendo 3DS featured a stronger processor, and offered a game card to be filled with loaded games. A few games released for this mobile console would include Super Street Fighter (3D edition), Ridge Racer 3D, Madden NFL football, and Shadow Wars.