Adventures or sporting Games

During these years programmers were interested in developing games that were beyond the regular adventure or sporting games. They were interested in creating games that would allow the user to use strategy towards accomplishing tasks. This was a great incentive to get gamers to pull out their devices on the couch, in a restaurant, or even the back seat of an automobile.
This decade also began the separation of games that were being created. Past years had multiple games that any gender or age group may have played, but programmers were interested in creating games suitable for them all. This raised controversy with parents with their young children having access to numerous games. Graphics were getting better and parents were skeptical about more the scenario of certain games than the graphical capabilities. Programmers argued that games are not directly placed into the hands of the wrong age group, and that these games can help prepare teens for adulthood. The story line of many games had many real life situations and offered lessons in life, according to developers.
Handheld consoles were developed much more powerful in these years with sizes that weren’t too big or too small, but comfortable. The displays were created bigger and the visual quality was tremendously improved. The year 1998 ended with Nintendo introducing the Game Boy color being the first handheld game to advance from black and white.
During these years, Nintendo would release the Game Boy Advance In June of 2001. Owners of the previously released Game Boy and Gameboy Color, had the ability of playing their games on the new Game Boy Advance without difficulties. The game cartridges were smaller and the visual quality was much better. A few of the games released for this mobile console include Advance Wars, Aggressive Inline, and Air Force Delta Storm.
Nintendo released the Nintendo DS in 2004 and many users admired its new design. This handheld console would open/flip to display its dual screens and buttons for game play. This mobile console would be the first to offer a built in Wi-Fi for portable online gameplay. A few of the many games releases for this mobile console would include FIFA World Cup, Advance Wars, America’s Next Top Model, and the Animal Paradise series.