2016 – Future

Nintendo released a statement that the company will turn away from designing future hand held consoles. After refusing to partner with cell phone carriers for years, the company just might design games that can be played on cell phones in the future. There is talk that each carrier will feature an application store like they already have for their created mobile application, but a separate one for mobile game purchases. Another side of the story says that designing phones with great quality games would deteriorate from the original functionality of a cell phone, which is ideally to communicate with others whether it be voice calls, text messages, or emailing etc.
Another side of predictions say that Nintendo has been in the industry for too long to step down. Predictions saying that the company is only using the time of absence to create a hand held console that no gamer would predict could be released. The future can rarely be predicted, and who is to say that large game industries don’t release both of these ideas and more?
The big question is which company is “bubbling” the ultimate handheld console to be released in the coming years? There has been argument that hand held consoles and its games are coming to an end and moving towards available mobile apps. But the reality is that there’s too many people making a living in this industry for it not to get bigger and have several innovations.