2016-Future PC


The Future of Online/PC Gaming

While I cannot speak for the distant future, I can make some accurate guesses based on current trends. My guess is that pc graphics will continue until we can no longer differentiate real from rendered. For example, look at Square Enix’s “Crying Woman” displaying the power of Direct X 12.
Why does this image matter? Because up until recently, computer generated humans were stuck in the “Uncanny Valley.”

Uncanny Valley
The Uncanny Valley basically means: “Anything resembling a human and attempting to express human emotions that creeps the hell out of you.” Here are some examples.

These instantly scare the hell out of you and more importantly, these freaks break immersion!


In Conclusion


Crying is considered the most difficult emotion to portray due to the intense facial expressions along with the lighting of each individual teardrop. The fact that we’re able to get past this graphical hurdle without falling into the uncanny valley means that characters will even be more life-like than before and the line between reality and virtual-reality will be even more blurred. Right now it takes 4 titan-x graphics cards to run this short scene, however on the bright side, computer hardware is always getting more efficient.