Cloud Plus CV0-002: Reloaded

Last week I represented Heraldic at another Cloud+ workshop in CompTIA HQ. I was one of the fourteen Subject Matter Experts who wrote the questions for the new version of the exam, CVo-oo2. CV0-002 prepares the next generation… Read More

I’m not a wizard, I’m a #CompTIASME

Last week was I took a break from building new Mise En Abyme cloud GPU servers and attended another Cloud+ exam workshop where I was invited by CompTIA. As always it was a great experience, both contributing to… Read More

Heraldic Helped Write Cloud+ Questions

The vast and infinite Cloud keeps scaling up, and unless the planet is hit by a massive Solar flare the Cloud industry is here for good. Like the Industrial Revolution before it, the Cloudization is welcomed by the… Read More