Blockchain: Protecting You From the Rogue AI – and Rogue People

On April 9 2018 a German blockchain company Lisk had an inaugural meeting in Seattle, WA with the guest speaker Artem D, the CEO of Heraldic. As Blockchain is becoming easier to use in development, we at Heraldic… Read More

We’ve seen the FUTURE at #GTC2018

It has been said that if GPUs are time machines then GTC is where you come to see the future. A¬†future where nothing is impossible. It’s at events like this that products like Mise En Abyme are born…. Read More

DinosaVR: a Look-Down VR

A new type of VR is emerging from the designers at Heraldic: a look-down experience. DinosaVR is a Google Cardboard VR app for Android. In this game the player remotely controls a drone hovering over Curiosity’s landing site… Read More