Cloud Plus CV0-002: Reloaded

Last week I represented Heraldic at another Cloud+ workshop in CompTIA HQ. I was one of the fourteen Subject Matter Experts who wrote the questions for the new version of the exam, CVo-oo2.

CV0-002 prepares the next generation of cloud administrators for a career in the industry.

The Cloud has revolutionized how we develop applications and powers anything from blockchain to Artificial Intelligence. It accelerates innovation by giving startup developers access to enterprise-grade resources in the public cloud. Even after the advent of nanotechnology and the Singularity of Man and Machine the cloud will be critical to the mass adoption of these technologies — millions of nanoscale computers will act as client devices for a cloud-based app that tells nanites what to do.

The Singularity is the futuristic event when A.I. will become so advanced that in order to keep up with the technology we people will need to merge with it, AKA “transcend”. I think of Transcendence as a form of digital immortality, duplicating yourself into the resilient networks of the cloud. 

Excited yet? Consider getting certified as your next step! Perhaps you will be the next cloud hero and solve the most important problems in the history of mankind!

Artem D, CEO, Heraldic