Mise En Abyme cloud computers in Deus Ex

ApostleMod released a Mod! And it’s our first public single-player campaign called Deus Ex: Apocalypse Inside with the story based on Deus Ex Bible†and the back-story of vanilla Deus Ex and Human Revolution.†It will give you 3-4 hours of gameplay filled with Deus Ex easter eggs, quests, puzzles, adrenaline rush and†anticipation of how this story will end.

Deus Ex: Apocalypse Inside with PATCH 1Mise En Abyme cloud computers

Mise En Abyme cloud computers
Main characters:
Tantalus Denton

Though engineered in the same tank as JC Denton, it’s unclear if Tantalus is JC and Paul’s brother. Itís been his†codename for so long†he can’t†remember his†real name. Tantalus mysteriously escapes from Area 51 lab where he was created which pissed off Majestic 12 for an unknown, sinister reason. Tantalus calls this†Apocalypse Inside, a†prototype of some king that dwells inside Tantalus in form of extremely advanced nanotech.

‹ber Alles

It is said that Uber Alles is a transgenic made by Page Industries with the single purpose – to find and kill Tantalus after his escape from Area 51. Somehow Uber also wants to take Tantalus’ wife Magdalene after he’s killed him. His motivations of that are unknown even by Bob Page.

Uber uses his deadly katana called Scythe.

It is believed Page brainwashed Uber into being a Narcissistic, Machiavellian psychopath. Among other cynical propaganda, Page made Uber Alles loop in his head a song called ‘Megalomaniac’ by Project X-3

“I’m the master of dark triad
And my name is Uber Alles
I am what the world condemns but
I don’t ever give a damn
That the monster I’ve become
Evil things that I have done
And I know I cant go back
A megalomaniac”

Uber tends to use “Mwahahahahahahaaaa!” in every second sentence.

Magdalene Denton

Magdalene was Tantalus’ wife, but after she and X51 staged his†escape from Area 51†he did not recognize her and left. Tantalus can’t even remember who he himself is. When he does start to remember he sets out on a quest to find Magdalene and find out who he himself really is.



the rooks

The Rooks are the worst gang in New York City

Deus Ex: Apocalypse Inside†revives everything in Deus Ex that didn’t make it into the game including the story, levels, textures and easter eggs. This mod will grow eventually.

The infamous Deus Ex back-story Moon complex that hosts the Mass Driver and Ada AI

Locations in the final version of the mod will include revised DX1 levels such as Area 51, Hell’s Kitchen and Paris, as well as its back-story locations such as the Mass Driver Moon Complex, Texas under Mexican invasion, Ophelia space station from Invisible War, and the cut-out Humanity Front Rehabilitation Center from Human Revolution.

NYC Hells Kitchen in Deus Ex Apocalypse Inside

Exterior of ApostleMod HQ building


  • –choice-focused, psychological storyline which happens before and at the same time as JC Denton’s adventures;
  • –Human Revolution/Mankind Divided style Transhumanism philosophy;
  • –New soundtrack composed by Project X-3;
  • Uber Alles (The antagonist you’ve seen in Deus Ex: Frozen Hell makes his first appearance in Apocalypse Inside)
  • Mise En Abyme cloud computers everywhere!

X51 escape was Tantalus’ chance to runaway from Area 51 and experiments he’d been through

Made by ApostleMod†Deus Ex: Apocalypse Inside