DinosaVR: a Look-Down VR

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A new type of VR is emerging from the designers at Heraldic: a look-down experience.

DinosaVR is a Google Cardboard VR app for Android. In this game the player remotely controls a drone hovering over Curiosity’s landing site on Mars. Because of this static hovering camera approach the player experiences less VR sickness that other VR games. The camera’s field of view covers a large playable area in a way similar to real-time strategies: it’s neither a first-person nor a third-person camera. The controls also contribute to an excellent experience in a look-down VR: the player’s gaze is triggering NPC dinosaurs to follow a laser sight coming from the camera. No other input is necessary.

DinosaVR is made with Unity and Google VR SDK. This mini-game is a by-product of a much larger project: Heraldic is developing Alter Ego: Frozen Hell, a rich-graphics Cloud VR RPG shooter. Like DinosaVR it is Mars-themed and utilizes realistic terrains using NASA images and procedual generation to add detail.

DinosaVR is made for Google Cardboard, a $15 VR headset

Realistic Matrian landscape: Enjoy the stunning landscape of Mars’ Gale Crater, made from REAL planet surveyor photos!

Simple gaze input: Turn a simple laser beam from your drone’s camera into a powerful weapon – 3 dinosaurs will follow the laser pointer like kittens, smashing everything in their way trying to catch it!

Dinosaurs can kick heavy objects very high with no effort – play some planetball or kick some martian rocks with your powerful sight!

Low VR sickness effect: The drone is just hovering in the sky statically!

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