windows on android

This is how you can have Windows and Windows programs on Android. All within Chrome browser.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to install Windows on an Android tablet? If only tablet processors were compatible with Windows architecture. There’s a talk Microsoft will partner with Raspberry Pi to make Windows 10 IoT possible for Pi’s tablet-grade ARM processors, but still if you are a Droid owner and want a Windows tablet then your only choice is to buy a Surface.

Now imagine if you could access a Microsoft Windows computer from your Chrome app. Now what if I told you there’s an app that brings a full desktop experience to a mobile device? you can remotely control your cloud computer as if you were sitting right in front of it. Your cloud computer is on any smart device anywhere there’s the Internet. This technology can potentially change the very way we use our computers and the Web itself.

The free beta test of the system is available at

gaming mobile

Gaming PC on a smartphone is a dream of a gamer come true.

This project is developed by ApostleMod, an independent I.T. start-up. We are developing it in Florida and we are expecting to move near Silicon Valley once we establish our first datacenter that will host cloud computers.

Can this website become the next Facebook or With your support on Kickstarter it can! It’s your chance to pre-order your own personal cloud computers by pledging $800 for a computer without a GPU or $1200 with a GPU, and you are charged only after we reach the minimum goal necessary to build a datacenter to host your cloud computers. But hurry, the more people support Mise En Abyme on Kickstarter for a cloud PC reward the faster are you will be able to own a personal Mise En Abyme cloud computer! Be a part of something groundbreaking, so that in a couple of years when Mise En Abyme becomes as popular as Facebook you can brag that you’ve supported the project when it was just a baby.

mise en abyme infinite computers remote desktop

Mise en abyme effect with infinite computers is what gave name to Heraldic’s project