I’m not a wizard, I’m a #CompTIASME

Last week was I took a break from building new Mise En Abyme cloud GPU servers and attended another Cloud+ exam workshop where I was invited by CompTIA.

As always it was a great experience, both contributing to the test content and learning new cloud stuff I could potentially use to improve MEA.

I’m back in Florida now, greatly missing my exploration of Illinois. You know this reflective bean sculpture in Millenium Park in Chicago? It’s called Cloud Gate. I have no idea whom this monument honors, but I’ll assume it has something to do with Cloud+ SMEs.

It was an honor to be one of Cloud+ wrtiters! Now I’d better get back to my servers so that we can bring to you Mise En Abyme Nebula edition as early as Q1 2018.


Left to right, Upper row: Arron Stebbing , Issac Christoffersen, Marcin Lubojanski,  Roman Lozano, Aaron House,  Artem Dmitriev; Lower row: Waheed Malik, Maddy Chandra , Tom Castellano,  Joel Sprague