Minecraft Modding Summer Camp

Class Rules

Respecting the staff;

Respect each other. Bullying will not be tolerated;

Use the computers with care;

Clean your desk in the end of each day;

Don’t get lost – an adult always must know about where you are;

No playing online games in class;


  1. Staff will give the student the first serious warning.
  2. The second serious warning. The staff will talk with the student.
  3. Parents will be notified.
  4. Student is dismissed for the day.

Break policy

During breaks EVERYBODY must go outside the classroom;

If you need to go to the bathroom ask a Teacher Assistant, not the Instructor.
ALWAYS go in 3’s. For example:

you + TA +student
you + student +student

Class introductions

Let me take a moment to introduce my teaching assistants.

Now it’s your turn. Tell us who you are! Introduce yourselves by saying:

  1. Your name;
  2. One interesting fact about yourself;
  3. If you could code the next million dollar app, what would it be about?

What We Will Accomplish

During the first 4 days of the camp we will follow Code Kingdoms tutorials to learn Java + Minecraft modding.

The last day of the camp we will split into teams and each team will develop their own Minecraft mod.

The Teams will consist of 3 people:

  1. Project Director – decides what the mod will be about, coordinates the team’s work;
  2. Lead Developer – writes most of the code, tests and reviews the mod’s code for functionality, bugs or typos;
  3. Game Designer – creates the map layouts, writes narrative (story), comes up with game mechanics (features).


In the end of the week we wull have an open house where you will present your mods to your parents and fellow students. Also I will award you your certificates in competency.

The team awards are earned upon completing some challenge (or category). The teams will compete for an award in each of the following categories:

  • Best code;

Game runs smoothly, without any bugs. The code is well-structured.

  • Best gameplay;

Your mod is fun to play. It follows the general game design principles.

  • Best level design;

Mazes, critical points, environments, realism, fantasy, etc.

  • Best Story

Your mod has great visuals and/or story.

  • Best idea;

The most original mod. Your mod is innovative and nobody has ever built anything like it before.

What do Programmers do?

Watch this video (you can replace AI with Programmer – I am a Programmer)

What is Programming?

Programming is writing instructions for a dumb but obedient machine.

Garbage in = garbage out.

It means that it’s the programmer, not the computer that is smart. Only the programmer can optimize their code. Programmers know how to make their program do something, do it fast and do it without crashing or freezing (bug-free).

Programming is writing logic on which computers operate.

Writing code is a lot of fun, and a lot of trial and error!

Programming is also fixing bad code, AKA as debugging.

Programming involves researching online how to write or fix your code.

Inaccurate graph, but it has some truth in it: even the most experienced programmers will not rely entirely on their own knowledge. If you are unsure how to make your program do something, try Guessing or Googling!