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Ten years ago on Apr 23, 2005 YouTube saw its first video and registered user. To mark such an eventáwe’ve watched the video called Me In The Zoo,ánow let’s go watch the LAST video on YouTube (or latest, rather).áThe newest YouTube video that we’ve just uploaded isáMise En Abyme #InternetRevolution video with French subtitles (la traduction et l’hommage Ó la Mise En Abyme).

GTA 5 review and mods…ApostleMods

Your smartphone (Android, iOS or Windows) can now handle Grand Theft Auto 5, with all the graphical supremacy of the PC over Xbox One or PS4, as well as the PC-only ability to mod GTA V. Here is what you need to do to make your iPhone or Galaxy into a gateway to Los Santos.


Many websites claim that you can download an emulator or some app absolutely for free and that the whole game won’t take more than 1GB of your precious space (Am I the only one who senses scam?) Well GTA5’s code is NOT compatible with iOS or droid. And there is no way in the Universe you can zip 65 gigs of content in 1. Therefore we need a whole different approach.

gaming mobile

Gaming PC on a smartphone is a dream of a gamer come true.

The latest achievements in the field of cloud computing, Internet speed and remote graphics processing led ApostleMod to create a cloud computing project called Mise En Abyme. MEA is simply a website that hosts virtual Windows desktops. Through the magic of remote desktop, Nvidia GRID cloud GPU and HTML code it is possible to use a gaming PC on a not-so-gaming hardware.

One of the most anticipated features of the PC edition of Grand Theft Auto 5 (and my personal favorite) is the ability to install and make modifications (mods). Here at ApostleMod we’ve been planning to release a few mods for GTA 5 before the game even came out for PC. Our mod will likely be a multiplayer map with a few missions and RPG elements. As for the genre it will be a futuristic cyberpunk world similar to what we made for GTA: San Andreas in 2011.

In the meantime these are some of the very firstámods made by the GTA5 community:

Download GTA5 scripthook mod


GTA5 deer mod

GTA 5 deer mod

This is Project Spartan

microsoft project spartan, the new Windows browser is to replace Internet Explorer


Last month Microsoft announced that they are discontinuing development of the nefarious Internet Explorer.

The last browser in the series is IE 11, which will be replaced by Project Spartan in the upcoming Windows 10. Spartan is claimed not to use any of IE code at all, and its GUI is radically different as well. Project Spartan evolved from a branch of Internet Explorer that never became what we know as IE11. Spartan doesn’t use webkit like Safari, Chrome and Opera and its way of rendering pages is very similar to Internet Explorer. Essentially Project Spartan is a Windows 10 app that can be resized (to a certain extent), minimized and closed with good old Windows buttons, but of such huge size that it demands a bigger cursor. A big disadvantage of Spartan and other Windows 10 apps is that they cannot be started by a built-in administrator. Apparently IT admins will have to use some other browser or create a special administrative account that is not built-in in Active Directory.

Spartan Browser javascript

This is how JavaScript messages look in Spartan Browser

All other bugs will hopefully be gone by the time Microsoft releases Windows 10 in Fall 2015. If you haven’t tested a beta of Windows 10 with the latest build that contains Project Spartan, it’s very simple to download from Microsoft and install it on a virtual machine or, if you’re feeling lucky, alongside your current OS.

spartan browser notes bookmark

Spartan Browser web notes tool. The rendering of HTML code happens in a similar was to Internet Explorer, including rendering bugs related to scrolling of background and some animation with css.


If you want to test Windows 10 faster, we’re here to help. Mise En Abyme Beta contains a Windows 10 Tech Preview computer within our cloud computers that are publicly available for testing free of charge at For login credentials visit ApostleMod’s Facebook page.

Project Spartan Browser

Spartan Browser, in its full glory, showing Google Chrome download page