Console Games Prelude

Who would have predicted that a simple idea of displaying block figures on a television would lead to a multimillion dollar industry today? When console gaming began its introduction to the public, only arcade games were designed like the famous Tic Tac Toe and started a passion for games. Ideas began to rise as far back to the 1950s when students conducted computer science research and designed simple games. The games created were nothing more than a video signal sent to a cathode ray tube that produced some visual on a television.

The major milestone that sparked gaming occurred in the 1950s, when Ralph Baer apprehended the idea that the television could be used for more than viewing and listening to televised shows. While working for Loral Electronics in 1951, he influenced the idea that a television could be used for entertainment past visual and sound to stimulate the human mind. The idea that the human mind could interact with what it sees and hears through the television using a remote. Although his original design was rejected, it did not stop him from continuing his research, writing papers and creating diagrams. He was able to create the Brown Box and Ping Pong games in the late 60s that were nothing more than moving lights moving on a screen.