We’ve seen the FUTURE at #GTC2018

It has been said that if GPUs are time machines then GTC is where you come to see the future. A future where nothing is impossible.
It's at events like this that products like Mise En Abyme are born. After experiencing the latest GPU-driven innovations such as RTX, Holodeck and Deep Learning, we were inspired to design a new vision of the next-gen cloud PCs:
1. Streaming of real-time Raytracing video games from the cloud;
2. Every cloud desktop protected by a superintelligent AI against malware or hackers;
3. Cloud VR streamed to a smartphone with previously unimaginable graphics;
4. A Blockchain-driven protection of user privacy against corporate surveillance or violations by third parties.
With these innovations Mise En Abyme is years ahead of anything that has been built. 
Here are some of the highlights of Heraldic's presence at GTC 2018: